At Clear Watch Security we like to stand out from the crowd. Our concierge officers will provide you with a ‘2 in 1’ solution which will reduce your costs in the long term.

Our security professionals can be first point of contact for your business and provide the role of a receptionist or front of house manager and a licensed security officer.

Tailored training programs are designed to ensure that every security officer is professional and courteous to all your clients, residents, visitors and staff members.


All our staff will receive bespoke training to:

  • Answer your telephone and handle the enquiries of your customers
  • Handle fire and evacuation procedures for your premises
  • Understand and use the access control system for your building
  • Identify any health and safety hazards and deal with them as you desire
  • Issue replacement keys for your guests and visitors
  • Record and report all incidents through a state-of-the-art software provided by us at no extra cost to you
  • Carry out regular hourly patrols of your premises to ensure there is no unauthorised access.

You will also be provided with a personal login to our software to check all this information.

Selection and Training Methods

We focus on honesty and integrity when selecting prospective staff members. We want personnel that will welcome Guests with a polite manner and knowledge of the premises. We always look for individuals that have a passion for customer care and love to engage with people.

We provide tailored training programs to our staff that are designed to ensure that every one of our security officers is professional and courteous to all your clients, residents, visitors and staff members.

Our Concierge Officers Receive:

  • High quality levels of ‘meet & greet’ training
  • Training on keeping records and reports of all incidents
  • Training in dealing with emergency services
  • Training in how to coordinate access for all contractors in a safe and secure manner