Many companies rely on a friendly face as a first point of contact. Gatehouse security is the first port of call for deliveries, visitors and workers.

Therefore, it is essential that the personnel who control access to the premises are trained and deliver a customerĀ focusedĀ approach.

The whole point of access control is so that you know who is on the premises at any given time. This is paramount from a health and safety angle.

Tennants also want to know if their visitors have arrived and been directed correctly.

Most industrial units have deliveries arriving at various times through the day, Gatehouse security can check in your parcels and provide signatures.


Gatehouse Security also patrols the premises acting as a visual deterrent to potential criminals. Gatehouse Security is more than just a face sat in a cabin booking lorries in and out of the site.

Our Gatehouse Services Cover

  • Smartly dressed Security personnel.
  • Working seamlessly with all clients helping your visitors into the premises.
  • Making sure car park rules are adhered to.
  • Acting as a visual deterrent.
  • Booking Deliveries in and out of the premises.
  • Managing Access Control to the premises

Our Gatehouse Security Officers

  • Monitor vehicle traffic entering/exiting the premises.
  • Complete regular patrols of the premises to ensure there is no unauthorised access.
  • Directing emergency vehicles and personnel to appropriate locations when required.
  • Creating a safe and secure environment for all client.
  • Coordinate access for all contractors in a safe and secure manner (Maintenance, Landscaping, etc.).
We select and train to offer your site a total peace of mind

Our training is focussed on providing the right security candidate for your premises. We provide honest and professional personnel who are punctual and efficient in what we do.