Security is becoming a core activity in today’s environment, yet it is still regarded as a cost of doing business which affects the bottom line. New legislation is increasing pressure on owners and senior management to shoulder more and more blame should something serious happen in the workplace.

You are responsible for the safety of all your employees and premises whilst at the same time fulfilling your own role.

We know that you can’t be in all places at all times. Our security officers are on hand to receive thatĀ parcel at receptionĀ on your behalf or guide a visitor to the correct office. We provide staff who will control all access to your premises, so at any given time you know you are free to carry on with your own duties whilst your building is secure.

A corporate environment requires staff who possess clear communication qualities, who are able to illustrate fantastic customer service skills and project a professional manner at all times.

Corporate Security Officers Will:

  • Meet and greet guests and staff
  • Be uniformed in corporate suits
  • Be trained in customer service
  • Carry SIA licenses and trained in conflict management
  • Maintain an access control system to the premises
  • Book Customers in and out of the premises
  • Act as a point of contact
  • Maintain a secure and safe environment
  • Assist your staff with internal duties