We provide a range of security services to support your business needs.
The services we offer are tailored to meet your individual requirements, whilst meeting the regulations set out by the SIA (Security Industry Authority). Our flexibility enables us to provide you with a service that solves your problems.

In 2018 it is essential that all security service providers incorporate an element of technology in to their operations. We now live in a digital world where data is available at our fingertips. When a customer wants to access information, it is readily available. Security services is no different. Our clients want to know how secure their premises are.

With the assistance of modern tools, we equip our security teams to respond to emergency situations, handle client requests, and submit reports to your office management team.

Data can also be an overload at times, so you will want all the important information to be fed through to you without the need to sift through endless documents.

The following key features will allow us to provide you with an effective security service:

Customised Reports

Each client is unique, and your requirements will also be unique. As a result, you will need different types of security information. You may require extensively detailed reports with photographic and other supplemental pieces of information.

Yet you may only wish to know the type of incident that took place and whether or not any further action was taken to resolve the issue. With our customised reports, you can simplify this whole process.

Our management will go through all the options with you. We will ensure that no vital piece of information is left out, keeping you fully aware of what is going on.

These customised reporting features become even more convenient when our security staff can file their report directly from their smartphones.

This keeps keeps our security staff from getting bogged down by unnecessary tasks and allows us to focus on the main job at hand which is to protect your premises.

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time Alerts is without a doubt one of the most important key features of any modern security system.

Long gone are the days where a supervisor had to attend site to supervise an incident. There is no need to wait for information to be processed by head office before a report can be filed at a later date to our clients.

Real-time means exactly that. The information is seconds away. The ability to send a real-time alert can make all the difference in successfully resolving an on-site incident.

If a security officer is in an emergency situation that requires immediate assistance, our control room can tap into the site remotely to provide assistance. Real-time reporting gives us the resources we need to handle incidents with confidence.

Tracking Alerts and Accountability

Tracking and accountability are paramount when looking after our clients’ property. We need to know who has been on-site, what equipment needs protection, access control, traffic management, car park checks, Front of house check-ins and various other tasks.

GPS tracking allows us to monitor the movements of our security team, Patrol routes are tracked to make sure all parts of the site are patrolled and checked.

All reports are recorded electronically, this eliminates the possibility of losing key documents.

Our clients want to know that our security staff have arrived on duty on time. Our Real-Time alerts provide accountability by showing a GPS trail of where and when our staff have booked on and off.

GPS tracking doesn’t just allow us to keep track of our security staff, it can also save lives. If a member of our security team suffers a serious injury whilst on patrol and is unable to call for help, our control room would realise that something is wrong when the GPS tracker indicated he is no longer active. This would allow us to call for medical assistance or send a supervisor in to check up.

When you are selecting a security service provider you need to ensure you will be better informed about how secure your premises are. With Clear Watch Security our effective measures keep your site secure. With the aid of modern technology we are on your side.