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Free Security Risk Assessment


If you have been a victim of crime you will know about the damage it causes to your business. It stops operations and causes enormous obstacles to your productivity.

Clear Watch Security is offering a FREE Security Risk Assessment of your business premises.

The idea is to come and speak to you about your security issues. Each business faces different challenges and requires a different set of security measures. The assessment will take up to 30 minutes of your time and we will go through a step by step process on how to best secure your premises.

We will speak to you about:

  • Your business location
  • Site access and lighting
  • Premises vulnerability to crime
  • Local crime rate and historical activity
  • Security Law and Insurance

The results of the assessment will be emailed to you. We are registered under the Data Protection Act which means all your information will be treated with confidentiality.

Please follow the link below to book your FREE Security Risk Assessment. We will help you make your business premises as secure as they can be.

This Free Review applies to all businesses based in Greater Manchester. If you are further afield please get in touch with us for a telephone consultation on 0161 628 9169

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Has Your Business Been a Victim of Crime?

Do You Feel insecure when you leave your premises?

Do you have the correct insurance in place?

Are You aware of the Security Laws?

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