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Incident Handling

Incident response is an organised approach to managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as an incident). The aim is to handle the situation in a way which will limit any damage and reduce recovery time and costs. We will be the first on the scene so our priority is to secure your premises. To protect all valuables and to keep you informed throughout the process. We let you make the decisions whilst we keep your premises secure.

Response Times

Our average response time is 20 minutes from alarm activation. Once we are notified that an alarm has been activated, our security supervisors will attend your premises with all the relevant keys and codes. We will have already trained our staff for your site, so they will know exactly where to go and how to access your premises.

Control Centre

Our manned Control Centre provides 24 hour assistance to our staff. The Response Officers will be in constant contact with us when attending a call out. If they require further assistance this can be requested via the Control Centre. Likewise if emergency services need to be called they can also be contacted through our Control Centre. Our controllers will have access to your site logs, so they can provide key back up to our staff when needed.


We are able to locate our staff using patrol software. We know exactly where a member of staff is attending, which route they are taking and when they are on site we know of their exact position. This helps us guide them through to the correct areas. This also acts as a health and safety monitoring tool. If our lone worker is in distress we can provide the correct support for them.

The key to damage control is how you respond to the damage in the first place.

For further information regarding out Response Services please contact us.

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