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We provide remote monitoring services which go hand in hand with installations. As a priority Key holder we can design you the full package. This means we will hold the keys to your site.

Our control centre will monitor your site for any activity. Should any unusual activity take place or an alarm active, we have the ability to despatch a response officer to your site.

Our current response times are 25 minutes from notification. It makes sense to have all your services with one provider. This cuts the response time and also give you the added peace of mind that one company is dealing with all your security requirements.

The benefits of remote monitoring are:

  • Prevents crime
  • Prevents false alarm activations
  • 24 hour protection via our control centre
  • Cost savings
  • Integrated security solutions
  • Total peace of mind

CCTV Installation

Technology in our daily lives has many positives. With CCTV you have the ability to watch your business from your phones, laptops or other media devices.

Whilst this is a great tool to have, for it to be fully effective you will need to have it monitored too.iStock_000026308146_XXXLarge

CCTV also provides you with peace of mind. Should a problem arise on site you need to be sure that a Response will be provided and the issue will be dealt with.

We provide CCTV security systems to all sectors and current clients includes car parks, commercial buildings, residential homes, government buildings, warehouses, factories, shops and construction sites.

Our ranges of CCTV systems are designed to fit around your requirements. We use all the top of the range technology products and our installers are trained to install and implement on almost any type of building.