Guest Assist is aimed at companies who require an out of hours presence.

Most businesses in the UK require an out of hours service. It could be assisting with late check-ins for luxury apartments or that important new business lead.

Our experienced controllers take calls on your behalf. This will ensure that none of your important calls are missed.

We know there are times where you can’t attend all calls, our controllers are professional and will take your calls on your behalf.

We train our staff as if they are working for you. You receive all the details of the calls emailed across to your designated contact. This service is offered 24 hours around the clock.

As we are a security services provided our company is founded upon trust. We feel that trust should be embodied through all the services we provide.

How it works:

When you finish work you will divert your calls to a number provided by us. Any out of hours calls will then come through to us. We will answer all calls and take any important messages. This could be a vital new business lead or somebody wanting to check in to their apartment. This information will be relayed across to you immediately via email. You also have the option of training us to provide a full concierge service if you wish.

This services provides you with:

  • Give you a dedicated phone line for your guests to call whenever you are out of the office
  • Take information down for any new business leads
  • Help late arrivals to check in, by following all your current procedures
  • Provide directions and instructions for clients and customers
  • Guide guests to a specific safe box to collect their keys and help them find their rooms
  • Be on hand throughout the night, for any queries, requests or emergencies
  • Provide excellent customer care for all your guests
We’re on call throughout the night, so that your managers and receptionists don’t need to be.

A flexible service giving making you savings and giving you a Peace of Mind.