What is a Live Dashboard

Our Live Dashboard is a virtual command centre for our security officers and their activities. We are able to view reports, check scanned points, monitor clock-ins and respond to any incidents as they happen in real-time. The dashboard uses a live activity feed that is constantly updating us with information regarding field staff.

If you see valuable data that has come through on the dashboard this can be pulled into a report and forwarded to clients instantly.

All crucial data is at your fingertips with this state of the art software.

A GPS pointer indicates our officers positions at all times. This helps us locate our staff and also dispatch response teams to areas with precise accuracy.

We are also able to keep an eye on lone workers and eliminate any issues. An “inactive” notification would advise us that an officer has not checked in or carried out a designated activity. The beauty of this software is that it is in the palm of your hands. We are able to monitor our operations in real-time real-time information from any computer, Smartphone, or handheld device.

The Benefits of a Live Dashboard:

This helps reduce operating expenses by eliminating inaccurate or repetitive tasks such as:

  • Duplication in paperwork
  • Human error whilst filling out important reports
  • Making incorrect decisions when dispatching response teams
  • Repeating unneccesary patrols