What is GPS Tracking

GPS is paramount where security is involved. Pinpoint accuracy is required when dealing with emergencies. We have the ability to tap into a site, location or an area where our staff have been deployed and gleam essential information regarding our operations.

Security officers location history can be viewed alongside their patrol routes. If a patrol was not completed we would know in real-time which allows us to follow up and make sure your site is secure at all times.

Real-time also allows us to highlight all staff have checked in and are clocked in for duty. This helps overcome any sites where staff may have failed to report for duty.

The GPS history allows us to go back to a date and time to look for trends such as patrol patterns and any other detailed activities.

The Benefits of GPS Tracking:

  • An accessible history allows you to revisit disputes or claims made against guards
  • Quick links to reports or incidents makes it easy to find documentation
  • Gain insight into your guards behaviors
  • Note the location of guards when critical reports are logged