Security involves a lot of detail. The need for recording information constantly can takes its toll on individuals carrying out specific duties. Not to mention the amount of paper that will be used in the process.

Aid this with human error then manual reporting can seem inaccurate. The role of technology has helped eradicate most of these concerns. We have implemented technology into our security processes so that our security officers can get on with doing their job, which is protecting your business.

We provide the following technology on our sites:

Working Alone In Safety

Although lone workers cannot be subject to constant supervision, it is still an employer’s duty to ensure their health and safety at work. Lone workers should not be at more risk than other employees and face particular problems. Some of the issues which need special attention when planning safe working  arrangements are:

  • Does the workplace present a special risk to the lone worker?
  • Is there a risk of violence?

Procedures need to be put in place to monitor lone workers to see they remain safe. These may include:

  • Supervisors periodically visiting and observing people working alone
  • Regular contact between the lone worker and supervision using either a telephone or radio
  • Checks that a lone worker has returned to their base or home on completion of a task.

Our Real Time software covers the above points laid out in the Health & Safety Executive.