Once you have locked up your premises you drive home feeling your business is secure. The alarms are on, the doors are secure and you feel that everything will be there when you return in the morning.

Millions of business owners feel exactly like this, yet there are so many examples of how staff turn in for work to realise they have been broken into.

The offenders may have come in through a window which was left open, or a door which was not secured properly.

Potential thieves will even go as far as to monitoring the movements on a premises. This can show patterns of when the site is unattended to give them a clear path to break in. To combat this kind of danger Clear Watch Security offers a mobile patrol.

This cost effective security measure is for companies who do not require round the clock security.

Benefits of Security Mobile Patrols

  • Internal and external patrols of your premises to identify any signs of forced entry
  • Overt/Covert vehicles carry out random or pre-planned visits to you premises
  • Emergency equipment carried in our vehicles should your site need to be secured in case of an incident
  • Mobile patrols are ideal for clients who have to leave their premises unoccupied overnight and during weekend
  • All findings are documented and relayed back to our control centre

Have you ever considered what would happen in the event of an accident?

Our response team has a backup plan.

GPS Tracking of our vehicles and Panic Button Alerts

  • We are kept informed of vehicle routes in real time and are alerted if an accident happens
  • We encourage employees to hit the panic button if they are involved in an accident.

Our Process

We carry out a site specific survey and identify the periods in which your site may most vulnerable.

We arrange our patrols to be conducted during those quiet periods to give your site a security presence. Patrol patterns are then changed randomly so the potential offenders find it difficult to predict when security patrols will be conducted. This keeps offenders at bay and gives you total peace of mind.

Our security officers are trained to deal with most eventualities, and should an incident occur, we will remain on site until your premises have been totally secured. We also offer our Active Guard electronic system. This service will provide you will real time information about our patrol behaviour.