Most robberies take place when staff are unlocking in the morning or locking up at night. This is the perfect opportunity for potential criminals to attack staff when they are at their most vulnerable. No member of staff should ever feel secure when leaving work.


The need for you to distribute keys to all your staff  has it’s own issues. Knowing where keys are at any given time becomes a headache.

This also puts a strain on your employees morale. Workers should feel rested when they are not at work.

This can all be eliminated by arranging a Lock & Unlock service.

Benefits of Lock & Unlock Service

  • Your staff can finish work at their usual times
  • Your premises will be fully locked down over night once late workers and cleaners have left
  • Your premises will be opened and ready for you before everyone arrives
  • We check for unsecure windows, doors, fire exits as well as any signs of leaks and hazards
  • This service provides a visual deterrent for any potential intruders and vandals

Our Security officers will arrive on site at an agreed time to unlock your business premises. A lockdown of your premises will take place once your workers/cleaners have left in the evening.

At pre-agreed times our security officers shall arrive on site and disarm your alarms. A premises inspection shall take place to make sure there has been no damage or break-ins.

The premises shall then be left for your workforce to start their working day.

In the evening or at an arranged time our security officers shall attend your premises to carry out a lockdown.  We will inspect the whole premises checking for open windows and fire doors. We will turn off monitors/lights that are not essential, make sure all the water taps have been turned off and that your premises is as energy efficient as it can possibly be during the downtime hours.

We will also act as your main key holder and attend all alarm activations should a response be required. You can also take advantage of our Security Mobile Patrols to give your premises extra security cover whilst your business premises are not operating.