You can minimise the risk to your business by responding to the emergency in a timely manner. This can be challenging though, as the nominated person within the company may be engaged elsewhere when the alarm activates.

Responding to an alarm can also expose you to a dangerous and inconvenient environment. The Police require you to have a designated person who will respond if an alarm activation occurs.

Clear Watch Security offers an Emergency Response service. This service is available to all businesses that are looking for the peace of mind in knowing that, we are always on standby no matter what time of the day it is.

What Happens When a Response Security Officer is dispatched to Your premises?

  • When a Response Security Officer is dispatched to any alarm activation, they are provided with the site details and any key information regarding the nature of the call out.
  • As the Response Security Officer arrives at the premises, he will Call our Control Room and check in.
    Once on-site, our Response Security Officer will perform a perimeter check of your premises and check for any signs of forced entry. Then an internal patrol will be carried out. Windows and doors will be checked to see if they are secure.
  • Before departing the site, our Response Security Officer will inform our Control Room of any findings.
  • All Call-outs are fully documented and reports are then emailed to the appropriate managers. A written report can be left on site or other arrangements can be made to ensure that our clients are aware of all alarm occurrences.