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Security Officers Required in Manchester

An exciting opportunity to join a Security Services provider with big ambitions – Published: 15/12/2017

Location: Manchester

Job Type: Full Time

Job Title: Security Officer

Salary: £7.50 per hour

Clear Watch Security has an fantastic opportunity for Security Officers to work alongside our existing team in Manchester.

Job description:

We are currently seeking motivated and enthusiastic Security Officers to join Clear Watch Security. We have prestigious contracts throughout Greater Manchester.

Working as a Security Officer your responsibilities will include maintaining a safe & secure environment and also acting as a visual deterrent.

We want applicants who are customer driven & have excellent communication skills. You will be greeting, assisting and directing members of the public.

Main responsibilities

  • Access and Egress Control
  • Completing all necessary patrol reports
  • Conducting internal & external patrols
  • Following site specific procedures
  • Liaise with clients in a polite and professional manner
  • Maintaining the highest standards of security
  • Following site specific procedures

Ideal candidate

  • Valid SIA Licence
  • Previous experience of working in a Security role
  • Be able to travel between sites
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Clear & concise communication skills
  • Full 5 year checkable employment history
  • Full UK driving licence & access to own vehicle
  • Strong Verbal Communication Skills
  • Strong written communication skill

If you wish to apply for this exciting role please fill in the form below.

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Additional Notes

Position close date 10/01/2018

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Four things you didn’t know about Mobile Patrols

Read what our Business Development Manager James Gaskell has to say about Mobile Patrols in the Security Industry.

2018 is just around the corner. We live in a world of fantastic technological change and innovation, and the image of a security guard is something that most people think belongs to the last century.

But that’s simply not the case.

Gone are the days of a guard sat in a hut with a thermos flask and a newspaper, the name of the game now is efficiency.

With that in mind, here are four ways Mobile Patrols can help you and change the way you see security patrols

1     Speed and response

Used alongside the other forms of security on your sites, such as CCTV and intruder sensors, mobile patrols offer customers an effective and immediate response. If and when an alarm is raised, our patrols can get to your site very quickly in response to the alarm. In addition, if your business premises is spread out over a wider area (such as an industrial complex or construction site) mobile patrols have the ability to respond to specific areas of the site as required.

2. Flexible

While other security practices such as static guarding will deal with security checking inside the confines of a premises, mobile patrols can carry out a

wider range of external checks and outside of standard working hours. Mobile officers can identify problems such as leaks, blocks, damage and intruders that may not have been in the line of sight of the CCTV. If the site is not occupied overnight or shut down over set periods, our mobile patrols will ensure that the site is checked regularly during this time.

3. Visual Deterrent

A huge part of a static officer is the visual deterrent they are for anyone looking to break into the site. A mobile patrol replicates this visual deterrent, with the added benefit of being able to spread their presence across multiple sites. Due to the pre-set route of the patrol, the routes can be changed and amended to create an unpredictable patrol. By tracking our staff with TrackTik software, a route can be monitored in real-time without the need to harass or bother the officer during the patrol.

4. Cost-effective

If you feel that you need security to protect your property, premises, or business but are on a tight budget then in this respect mobile patrols offer a cost-effective solution. Mobile patrol officers are only charged per visit, with multiple visits to a site bringing the cost per visit down. The frequency of these visits are pre-determined and agreed, with duties of the visit also agreed.

Would you like to discuss the possibility of using our Mobile Patrols over the Christmas period or beyond?

Give us a call on 0161 628 9169 and we can cost a patrol quotation.

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Guest Assist

James Gaskell, our business development manager walks us through his vision for the future of concierge

To operate effectively, most businesses are always on the lookout to reduce their operational costs. Be that to fund growth or expansion in other areas, to reduce outgoing cash flow or even to downsize, businesses look to save money wherever they can. One thing a business cannot do though is cut back on the quality of what they’re offering to their customers or the public. In fact, it’s the paradox of the modern business world that we demand higher and higher levels of quality for our investment, even as sometimes that investment is finite.

“So how does this tie in with the Call Handler product?”

That’s easy! Our call handling service CAN reduce your operational costs! Significantly! We take on the responsibility of covering your calls and requests out of hours, just like having a dedicated concierge sat on site but a fraction of the cost. By making a record of every call we take, we follow up with you the next day to show you what kind of calls you’ve been getting overnight.

“But what does it actually do?”

What doesn’t it do? Think of it as a PA, receptionist, concierge and porter all in one. Our officers will take these calls and email you directly with the query to either follow-up or answer in your own time.

If you’re an hotelier and your guest needs assistance on site, they call up and our officers can be on site within half an hour to help them if they’re locked out or having trouble with another guest. Maybe the guest has arrived late and needs to check in? Our officers can check them in over the phone, giving them instructions to retrieve their room key from the safe.

Are you a corporate client, taking calls late into the night? Our officers can book your appointments and answer most of the standard questions out of hours.

Are you on call, the main point of contact in case of emergency for a warehouse or factory? Well, we can do that as well, we will handle all alarms and questions, and only if it’s the MOST severe emergency will we need to contact you, letting you relax and enjoy your night.

“How do I know this is for me?”

Do any of the above examples apply? Do you get calls overnight, or would you like to without the cost of employing a dedicated employee? Sounds like a yes to me!

Still not sure? How about you try it? We’ll give you a free trial.

Do you want to talk to us about this? Call on 0161 628 9169

For more information, please visit our website

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The Difference Between Threat and Risk

The Difference between Threat and Risk

There is a fine line between a threat and a risk. How do you perceive it?

These terms are used very commonly in the security industry yet so many people are not able to provide a clear explanation. My aim is to provide a distinct explanation to you so that you know the difference between a threat and risk.

No doubt you would have heard the terms risk management, threat assessments, risk assessments, incident management, this will surely confuse the best of us.

Firstly let’s go through what Threat and Risk mean.

    • Threat – a statement of an intention to inflict pain, injury, damage, or other hostile action on someone in retribution for something done or not done.


  • Risk – A situation involving exposure to danger.

When you read it in plain English, it becomes much easier to deal with. How do we mitigate one or the other?

Threat is prevalent where there is an abuse of power. Somebody may want steal something. They may want to disrupt or destroy property or assets. Risk is always involved. There are closely linked. Threat is rarely without Risk.

Risk can function without threat. We tend to take risks all day long. We can take a small risk by not leaving the house with an umbrella even though we know it’s going to rain. The outcome of this will be we would get wet, yet there is no threat involved at any stage.

With Physical Security you are taught not to take risks. Mitigate the very existence of risk to eliminate threat. Of course, there are other elements such as vulnerability and fear, but by understanding risk and threat we can plan and develop our security strategy.

I hope this helps clear some misconceptions about risk and threat.

Remember the most important piece of information is to make sure that everyone remains safe at all times.

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Who Likes Data?

We all go through some serious data every day. We consume data in different ways. This could be from traditional channels like the television to our mobile devices. We are used to data being available instantly.

Security is no different. Managers like to know their premises are secure. With data analytics you get to see the big picture.

You can monitor trends and push resources in the right departments. Data has to be categorised correctly though otherwise we lose the essence of it.


Reacting to danger is what keeps us alive. The world is connected much more closely than ever. Real time data helps us locate incidents and report them back to our supervisors and managers.

Security officers working the graveyard shift don’t feel isolated any longer. We have equipped them with software that keeps them busy through the night. Each patrol involves swiping designated areas. They have reports to fill. They have tasks to carry out. We have made it simple for them. The reports are all listed correctly and the security officers know which report to fill out during their patrols. If they come across any issues then it is escalated to a supervisor or manager and the issue is dealt with promptly. Reactions with the help of data can save money, time and more importantly life.

Manage Risk

It’s no use reporting an incident and forgetting what time it happened. The more details you log down the more accurate your information will be. Security officers are trained to deal with conflict, they have honed their skills to stay awake through those long dark hours. They have excellent communications skills.

Yet they are still humans. Humans are prone to errors. Technology helps eradicate most of these problems. Data helps build a strong case. A security officer has the option to take a picture of an incident. They can scan points to show proof of patrols. They have access to previous incidents to check if these kinds of issues are re-occurring. Managing risks and incidents helps companies protect their brand and image.

Make sure you incorporate data into your security operations. It can save you time and money.

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Business Development Manager

We are Hiring.

An exciting opportunity to join a Security Services provider with big ambitions
Published: 25/07/2017


Job Type: Permanent

Job Title: Business Development Manager

Salary: £21,000 – £25,000 per annum + Commission depending on experience, car allowance, company phone and benefits

An exciting position has arisen for a Business Development Manager within Clear Watch Security. Reporting to the Managing Director you will be responsible for developing new business relationships and generating new revenue for the company.

This is very much a new business focused role and the successful candidate will be expected to demonstrate a proven track record in delivering sales within B2B environment.

The ability to prepare and present bids and manage the tendering process to completion. The role also requires the ability to prospect for new clients and gather a real understanding of the security services market place. Administrate support will be on hand for you to help with prospect addition.

Role Responsibility:

  • To build and develop good commercial relationships with prospective B2B clients.
  • Provide quotations based on company budget guidelines.
  • Attending tender site visits, delivering presentations and completed tender documents to prospective clients.
  • Networking at Industry Events
  • Deliver a sales strategy in line with business objectives.
  • Meet required levels of activity, sales conversion rates and all other individual targets

The Ideal Candidate:

  • Applicants are expected to have a strong 2 years Business Development experience within the services industry (Preferably the security services industry)
  • You will have experience in cold calling, lead generation, and understand the tender and bid process to win new business
  • Have an excellent understanding of the services industry (Preferably Manned guarding, Keyholding, Mobile Patrols Sectors)
  • The ability to analyse, plan and organise workload and approach to all sales strategy
  • Drive, motivation, excellent communication skills and the passion to over achieve
  • Able to manage your time and diary effectively to achieve set KPI’s
  • Current driving licence

If you wish to apply for this exciting role please fill in the form below.

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Additional Notes

Position close date 31/08/2017

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Lead Generators Vacancy

An exciting opportunity to join a Security Services provider with big ambitions
Published: 06/02/2017

Location: Oldham
Job Type: Part Time
Job Title: Lead Generator
Salary: £8.00 per hour

A Fantastic Job Opportunity

Clear Watch Security has an fantastic opportunity for a Lead Generator to work from our head office in Oldham. The successful applicant will join our team in a customer service role, on a part time permanent basis.

You will work closely with the sales and management to achieve objectives on a consistent month-to-month basis.

Your role will include:

  • Dealing directly with customers either by telephone or electronically
  • Lead Generation
  • Record details of customer conversations and emails
  • Email / Mail Marketing
  • To enhance our prospect database and to follow up all leads.

The Ideal candidate will have the following skills

  • Confident telephone manner Willing to learn
  • Knowledge of IT systems and Software such as Microsoft Word & Excel
  • Able to adapt to changes in a fast paced environment
  • Driven to develop and progress with the company
  • Passionate

What’s on offer?

  • This is a part time position of 10 hour per week (With scope to grow)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Holidays Pay
  • Bonus Scheme (To be discussed at interview stage)
  • Permanent

If you wish to apply for this exciting role please fill in the form below.

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Additional Notes

Position close date 31/03/2017

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Security Receptionists

Behind the reception desk at Premier Suites stand several security receptionists. This is in addition to the usual reception duties, their task is to monitor the premises and provide a security presence.

This role ensures that Premier Suites are covered with dual role staff.
On Shudehill, Manchester Premier Suites provide long and short stay apartments.

These self-serviced apartments cater for the Corporate and hospitality sectors. Based in the heart of Manchester city they provide a fantastic value for all guests. As well as cosy rooms, WIFI and other essential services Premier Suites make sure that the environment is as safe as it can possibly be.

This has been tasked to Clear Watch Security. We provide uniformed security receptionists to man the building’s reception desks. This gives Premier Suites a combined security receptionist and guard solution.

The security receptionists maintain a calm and serene atmosphere throughout the building. Their focus is to make sure all fire exits are free from obstruction. They keep an eye on access control and know who is in the building at any given time.

Our security receptionists are first aid trained ensuring if any incident occurs on the premises they can take care of it. In addition, they provide a meet and greet service and perform general tasks such as replacing lost keys and checking luggage in and out of the apartments.

Security Surveillance

Once the reception closes Clear Watch Security’ security guards replace the receptionists, observing all security related matters during out of hours. CCTV monitoring has been installed throughout the building and is monitored by our security staff. The security guards are in constant contact with our Control Room ensuring that their welfare is being taken care of.

Real time patrolling software has also been activated on the premises which shows a live map of the movements of all security staff around the apartments.

This service is complimented by our out of hours’ Mobile patrols and an Emergency Response service.

If you would like to know more about our services visit us here Clear Watch Security Services


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Relief Security Officers

An exciting opportunity to join a Security Services provider with big ambitions
Published: 09/01/2017

Job Type: Full Time
Job Title: Relief Officer
Salary: Starting from £7.20 per hour


  • Relief Security officer to provide cover
  • Based in Greater Manchester & Surrounding Areas
  • SIA License Essential
  • Own Transport Necessary

Duties include:

  • Liaise on a daily basis with staff & the client and operational management teams.
  • Support the fulfilment of the contracted/business objectives, through the range of duty assignments which will involve security and support duties.
  • Contribute as a team member to ensure the safety and a positive customer experience for all visitors.

This role is hands on and will require involvement in issues on an hourly/daily basis.

Experience required:

  • Excellent communication skills and a strong customer focus.
  • Must hold a valid SIA Frontline Licence
  • 5 year checkable work/career history. All applicants will be vetted in line with industry standards.
  • MS Office Skills – email, word, and excel.
  • Own Transport required – due to shift start / finish times and locations (if not local)

Company benefits:

Clear Watch Security also offers a range of industry leading benefits, including:

  • Pension Scheme
  • Full company uniform
  • Paid Holidays
  • Company Sick Pay Scheme
  • Mileage scheme to help towards work expenses.

If you wish to apply for this exciting role

Position close date 28/02/2017