Clear Watch Security was established in 2008 as a provider of  security guard services. From our first contract in Manchester we have now serviced clients throughout the Northwest, Midlands and the South of UK.

Our Team

We have Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, but the team member you are most likely to see on a daily basis is our Security Officers. These are the people that are the engine of our company, they keep us moving forward. So it’s only fair that we keep them motivated, satisfied and above all trained for the job. Our security officers work day shifts, night shifts, weekends, holidays… you get the picture. To motivate them we plan their schedule. We try to give them enough time off so they can spend quality time away from the workplace, so that when they return they are fresh and focused.

Our Ethics

We believe ethics in business are as important as morals in life. We have therefore involved policies which reflect our day to day dealings. We have an equal opportunity policy in the workplace, so if we recognise a member of staff is fit for a particular role we will help them towards it. The environment we work in is also important to us, we like to see ourselves as being carbon aware, so where possible we will save paper and energy.

Our Goals

We would like to be recognised as a fair and transparent company by our workforce and customers. We endeavour to provide the best service possible, but with the aid of technology we aim to cut out human error and provide accurate information to our customers. Our Goal is to make sure that when you hire us, we bring you a total peace of mind.

Enough About Us, Let’s Talk About You!

You will want to meet a manager at least once a fortnight to discuss your concerns, your requirements might change at short notice, or you might need some advice. This all falls in to the tailored approach. You will want to be kept informed of how we are performing and how we can keep your costs downs. This is where we treat you as a unique customer and listen to you. Our job is to provide you with peace of mind.